On October 4, we’re celebrating National Walk & Roll to School Day! Walk, bike, or roll to school and join thousands of communities across the U.S. in promoting safe routes to school, healthier students, and more connected neighborhoods! Learn more at walkbiketoschool.org.

How can Aviation families participate?

Walk, bike, or scooter to school on your own schedule -OR- join a group at one of the walk & roll meetups:

1) 135th & Shoup
departing 7:55am

2) Aviation & Palm (gate)
departing 7:55am

3) 135th & La Cienega
departing 8:05am

4) 134th Pl & Isis
departing 8:10am

5) 140th & Isis
departing 8:10am

Look for the PTA volunteer with a “Walk & Roll” sign at every meetup.

Why Walk, Bike, or Roll?

Improved traffic safety habits and increased confidence for students through opportunities to learn about and practice road safety, inspiring confidence and independence.

Increased daily physical activity, forming healthy habits that can last a lifetime, helping children build strong bones, muscles and joints, and decreasing the risk of chronic disease and obesity.

Students who are ready to learn, who are healthy, awake and alert, with better focus and concentration, which can improve academic performance.

Solutions to transportation issues such as dangerous traffic congestion at pick up/ drop off times and student absences and tardiness due to transportation challenges.

Increased family and community engagement, providing positive social opportunities for students, families, school staff, and community stakeholders, boosting a sense of community and improving neighborhood connections.

A cleaner environment and fewer student asthma attacks by reducing air pollution from car emissions.

Savings on gas and money by replacing car trips to school with walking.

It’s fun! Walking brings a sense of joy and independence.